Exherbo / January 10, 2010

What keeps me doing things in my life are primarily two factors: Money and recognition. Not necessarily in that order. In my job, I’m being paid to do what I do but I couldn’t ever be satisfied with just that. What really thrills me is being recognised for the professional I am. Receiving an email from a customer that simply said “Thank you. You’re one of the few persons I can always rely on.” made my day. I don’t get that from receiving my pay-cheque. In my private life, I’m mostly a father, a husband and, last but not least, a guy who loves to work on Linux. A machine that just works is a boring machine. Thus, I really love working on Exherbo. Working on Exherbo allows me to do and try everything, make things work exactly the way I want them to, give back to the FOSS community – and being recognised for the professional I am. 🙂 Recognition, thus, is very important for me. Now, Bryan “kloeri” Østergaard, has decided to remove Exherbo’s “Developers” page which lists all the core developers in favour of a simple list of all contributors ever. This in itself is fine with me….