Samba has no maintainer on Exherbo any more
Exherbo / October 19, 2013

After having worked with Samba for almost 20 years, I’m giving up now. I have submitted patches upstream when Samba (and I šŸ™‚ ) was young, I’ve proof-read books on Samba and NTLM but where they’re going, I can’t follow them any more. – Samba 4.1.0 doesn’t even build for me any more and I’m too frustrated to figure it out. – In Samba 4.1.0, SWAT (the configuration web interface) seems to have been removed. I might be missing something but if I’m not, that sucks. – Samba’s “new” crappy build system WAF is just horrible and I simply don’t understand it. I asked for help (and it was offered) but nothing was ever done. – New versions of Samba 4 try to build against already installed versions in the live filesystem and I don’t understand WAF enough to fix that. I’ve just removed myself from BUGS_TO. If you want it, take it but if you do, do me a favour and do a better job than me and make sure you’re weird enough to understand (and ideally like) WAF.