The Great Merge II: Exherbo’s multi-arch/cross implementation has been merged to master
Exherbo / April 6, 2015

Exherbo’s multi-arch/cross implementation1 has been merged to master. You WILL have to migrate to this new setup in order to be able to install new software and updates. You’ll find the migration guide at 2. Make sure to follow it VERY closely because getting things wrong does have the potential to break your system. (You’ll of course be able to access your data via a rescue system if everything goes wrong. We’re changing the base system but are NOT touching user data.) If you don’t want to migrate right now, you shouldn’t update or install ANYTHING anymore until you are ready to do so. The last commit prior to the migration has been tagged as “pre-cross” in all official repositories so that you can stick with that if need be. If you wish to stay on the pre-cross revision, you need to set “sync_options = –revision=pre-cross” in the repository’s configuration file. If you do migrate (which you should), you’ll find that some packages might not yet install. As always, you’re fully expected to help with migrating exheres to the new base system which basically involves undoing our former multi-lib approach. You’ll find more details at 3 and you’re, of course,…

Cross/multi-arch: Get going! Merge date: TOMORROW, Sunday, April 5th 2015
Exherbo / April 4, 2015

I’d like to remind everyone that we are going to merge all the cross branches to their respective master branches TOMORROW, Sunday, April 5th 2015! Whatever you’re doing Exherbo-wise, please DROP IT for the moment and help us get more packages ready! Migrating exheres to the new base system isn’t (most of the time) complicated: It basically involves undoing our former multi-lib approach. You’ll find more details here and you’re, of course, encouraged to look at recent commits that mention “multiarch” or “cross” for tips on converting other packages. You may, of course, test cross-compilation to something but what’s REALLY important is that the package works on a NATIVE system, e. g. boost does work natively but fails at cross-compilation currently. For now, that’s ok. If you want to convert packages in a third-party repository that doesn’t have a cross branch yet, please get in touch with me – I can create cross branches for EVERY repository in Gerrit. To get started: Fetch a current stage Migrate it to cross/multi-arch Start converting! So, go for it! (And always remember: My statistics will record your fabulous work for generations to come who will sing the praise of the immortal heroes who made cross work! 😉 ) (Questions? -> #exherbo)