Gerrit updated to 2.12.2 / Jenkins updated to 1.652
Exherbo / March 13, 2016

I’ve updated Gerrit from 2.11.5 to the latest release 2.12.2. These are the user-visible highlights: New Submit Whole Topic setting: All changes belonging to the same topic will be submitted at the same time. Currently disabled because it’s still experimental but I will enable this once it’s considered stable. Support for GPG Keys and signed pushes. You can add your GPG key in Gerrit and git push –signed to use this. This should work right now – but doesn’t for me at least. If you have more success, let me know. đŸ™‚ New search operators, e. g. author:, committer:, commentby: and a few others. Your preferences for editing and diff presentation can now be configured in your user settings. Gerrit’s in-line editor has now support for Emacs and Vim key maps. There are several new API calls available for those using their own Gerrit clients (yes, I’m looking at you, Kylie McClain! đŸ˜‰ ). You can find the complete release notes for the Gerrit versions here: Gerrit 2.11.6 Gerrit 2.11.7 Gerrit 2.12 Gerrit 2.12.1 Gerrit 2.12.2 As for Jenkins, I’ve updated it to 1.652 as well. Nothing spectacular there but some bug fixes in the backend mostly; including two security fixes….