My personal UO history

I’ve been a fanatical player of “Ultima Online” on free player-run shards. I bought UO in a bundle with Ultima IX and didn’t even try it for years. When I finally took a look at it, I found out there was already an emulator in the making – the original UOX.

I tried that emu, ran through an empty UO world and put the game away, bewildered what people liked about it. 🙂

Later on, I tried a player-run shard and caught fire. I’ve played on quite a few shards but I finally found my home on “Krynn’s Demise”.

I played there for two years daily and spent most of my spare time there. Then I became staff and eventually took over the shard from the former admin, Wolverana.

Unfortunately, I had to give up that fascinating hobby because it cost me way too much time and so I shut down the shard and moved on. Nevertheless, the subject of UO emulation never lost its appeal to me and so I’m still in touch with emulators like UOX3 (for nostalgic reasons) and RunUO (for pragmatic reasons – it’s the best emulator around).

2 thoughts on “My personal UO history”

  1. I played on KD and remember it fondly. Googled it recently and the only hit I found was your site here and a forum post I wrote 2 years ago. Kinda sad :/

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