AD&D: Pools of Darkness

Pools of Darkness: The Challenge Ship

After the final battle against Gothemenes you’re being teleported back to Phlan. Elminster tells you there about the two ships at the passenger dock.

The Fine Ship brings you to retirement, safety and well-being. The game ends.

The Challenge Ship brings you to a deadly labyrinth. The game calls it “the greatest challenge in your career” and that’s true. It’s almost impossible to survive there – even though that’s all your host expects from you.

I won’t tell you more about what awaits you there apart from the maps I provide below and the answer to the final riddle of the game. This answer cannot be found anywhere but in the official clue book – or on the net. The maps I couldn’t find anywhere so I made them. They’re published under the GPL.

Level 1:

(You arrive at the asterisk’s (“*”) location.)

Level 2 (left) and level 3 (right):

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